Product Information

The push-pull cable is the most trusted & utilized component that is integrated with the remote control system. The tip thread is available in inch or mm (metric) versions so there are no concerns with engine compatiblity.

Push-Pull Cables33C / J33C / J34C / J33BC / 43XLC30 / J43XLC30





33C/J33C/J34C/J33BC structure


33C is a standardized product and the most commonly used cable in the world.

Main Part Numbers

Item 33C J33C J34C J33BC 43XLC30 J43XLC30
Type clamp clamp & clamp
tip thread diameter 10-32UNF M5×0.8 10-32UNF M5×0.8
anchoring clamp clamp M12×1.25 clamp
color red red
conduit Materials polyethylene & oil tempered wire polyethylene & oil tempered wire
outer dia (mm) 8.6 9.7
core Materials stainless steel nylon & hard steel wire
outer dia (mm) 1.9 3.2
stroke (mm) 76.2 101.6 76.2 76.2
mounting dimensions (mm)
170 208 170 187 170
input load capacity (N) push 176 137 176 176
pull 225 225 225 225
sleeve roll angle 8 degrees per direction

8 degrees per direction

min. bending radius (mm) R200 R150
operating temperature -30~80℃ -30~80℃
storage temperature -40~107℃ -40~107℃
lubricant special formula oil silicone grease

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