Affiliate Companies

World Leading Spring Manufacturer

Our parent company, NHK Spring Co. Ltd. Is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of springs, contributing to product development of various industries such as automobile, data communication, lifestyle & general industries.

NHK Spring Co. Ltd.

World Leading Spring Manufacturer

Sales and import/export of automotive components, automotive springs, industrial machinery and components, precision springs and hybrid function components, fasteners, materials, data devices, machined components, and industrial equipment and components.

Motor truck transport, cargo transport and handling, warehousing, packaging, machinery installation, overseas import/export handling.

Sales of petroleum, petroleum products, chemical products, automotive components and automotive products; sales of chemical products and pressurized gas; total building management, security service, construction of facilities; accident and life insurance; real estate, construction business, information system management.

Operation of golf driving ranges

Manufacture and sales of automobiles and automotive related items

Manufacture and sales of leaf springs, clip bands, coil springs, turnouts and crossings, rail clips, and synthetic rail ties

Manufacture and sales of springs of all types

  • NHK Spring Kyushu Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of automotive suspension and stabilizer bars

Manufacture and sales of coil springs, precision springs, wire springs, and automotive seat components.

Manufacture and sales of automotive seats and interior components

  • Faurecia-NHK Co., Ltd.

Development and sales of automotive seats

  • Faurecia-NHK Kyushu Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of automotive seats

Manufacture and sales of automotive and furniture seat springs and seat frames, trunk lid torsion bars, and sun visor wires

Manufacture and sales of automotive components; design, manufacture, and sales of general industrial machinery.

Ayase Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of spring washers, wave spring washers, thin leaf springs, and wire springs.

Manufacture and sales of screw tools, automotive components, data processing equipment components, and precision industrial components.

Planning, design, manufacture, sales, installation, leasing, maintenance, and renovation of automatic multi-level parking garage systems; manufacture, sales and design of parking garage ancillary equipment.

Manufacture and sales of golf shafts, metal baseball bats, and pipe products.

Manufacture and sales of automotive screws, bolts, and general springs.

Manufacture and sales of a variety of lighting systems.

Cleaning and greening of building interiors and exteriors, sorting and collection of general waste, auxiliary manufacturing.