Product Information

KE4+ offers an upgrade over the cable type control systems which can be cumbersome to install & operate. Up to 4 stations can be installed; operation is safe & smooth.
In addition to KE-4 series (boats with mechanical shift & throttle), control systems also include KE-5 series (for boats with electronic shift & throttle), KE-6 series (mechanical shift, electronic throttle) & KE-7 series (mechanical throttle & electronic shift).  For details on these systems, please download related documents from this website and/or contact your dealer / NHK MEC.

Drawing, Parts List & Main SpecificationsElectronic Control System KE-4+ (ke four plus)

Drawing, Parts List & Main Specifications

Drawing, Parts List & Main Specifications



Components List

No. Description Part # Single Engine Dual Engine Notes
1station 2 stations 1station 2 stations
1 Control Head, Single, with PTT SW NM1001-00 1 2
Control Head, Single, without PTT SW NM1002-00
Control Head, Single, stainless steel lever NM1003-00
Control Head, Twin, without PTT SW NM1051-00 1 2
Control Head, Twin, with PTT SW NM1052-00
Control Head, Twin, stainless steel levers NM1053-00
2 Control Unit, 12V/24V NM1475-00 1 2
3 Shift & Throttle Actuator MN0183-00 1 2
4 Bus harness, 2m~50m (2m intervals) NM0649-** 1 2 2 3  Bus harness should not exceed 80m in total length; otherwise system performance could degrade
5 Power harness, 5m
2 4
6 T-harnes (R/C-1) MN0647-09 1 1
7 T-harness (R/C) NM0647-10 1 1
T-harness (SINGLE) NM0647-11 1
8 T-harness(PORT) NM0647-12 1
9 T-harness(STBD) NM0647-13 1
10 Push-pull cable, shfit & throttle HPC 1 2 Specify cable type & length
11 Idle SW NJ0765-00 1 2 1 2 Option
Buzzer 12V NJ0596-00 1 2 1 2
Buzzer24V NJ0515-00
Circuit breaker 20A NJ0514-00 2 4
12  Handheld station  Option, refer to handheld manual

・Idle, Trolling can operated, depending on options

Main Specifications

1. Electrical Performance
・Supply voltage DC9V to 32V (12V/24VDC common mode)
・Max, current of actuator 16V peak, 5A typical(at 49N{5kgf}・11lbf load)
・Current consumption(stand-by) 0.5A or less
2. Mechanical Performance(Actuator)
Thrust Operating thrust 147N{15kgf}・33lbf
Constraint load 343N{35kgf}・77lbf
Stroke Shift Forward or Reverse stroke (can be set separately) 26/30/34/40mm
Throttle 80mm MAX.
3. Temperature Range
Operating temperature -20~+77℃
Storage temperature -40~+100℃

Order Notes

Please specify the following when placing an order:

  • No. of engines (1 to 4)
  • No. of helm stations
  • Control head model type
  • Engine maker
  • shift stroke distance
  • throttle stroke distance
  • bus harness length
  • power harness length (5m or 10m)
  • thread diameter of shift cable terminal (inch or M5)
  • shift cable length (feet or meters)
  • thread diameter of throttle cable terminal (inch or M5)
  • throttle cable length (feet or meters)
  • need for optional buzzer or breaker


In order to operate the electronic control system more safely & smoothly, please perform inspections every 6 months. Refer to instruction manual for details.

Product information may be subject to change without notice. Products may be discontinued without prior notice.