Product Information

MT-3 SeriesMechanical Remote Control: Single Lever

MT-3 Single

MT-3 Single

  • net weight 2.8kg (gross 3.2kg)

MT-3 Twin

MT-3 Twin

  • net weight 4.6kg (gross 5.0kg)


Best selling category. A simple design which boasts longevity & reliability. The MT-3 also has selectable lever angle. In addition, the shape of the lever allows single hand operation of 2 levers in the case of twin engine application.

Main Part Numbers

Name Throttle Type Clutch Type Cable Type Part No. 寸法図
MT-3 single Pull to open MT-3 twin 33C NA2001-00
Pull to open Pull forward J33C NA2003-00
MT-3 twin Pull to open Pull forward 33C NA2051-00  
Pull to open Pull forward J33C NA2052-00

※Neutral safety switch (SIGP) included


Part No. Name
NA2012-00 HD kit
NJ0201-00 Wire harness kit

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