Product Information

KB SeriesMechanical Remote Control: Dual Lever

KB Single

KB Single

  • net weight 1.2kg (gross 1.5kg)
  • picture shows a KB single throttle version

KB Twin

KB Twin

  • net weight 1.9kg (gross 2.2kg)
  • picture shows a KB shift & throttle single levers version


The KB series have an innovative design that integrate several ideas. KB is recommended for large pleasure boats equipped with Diesel engine(s); particularly the simple brake grip type.

Main Part Numbers

Name Cable Type Part No. 寸法図
KB single for clutch inch NB0702-00
mm NB0709-00
for throttle inch NB0701-00
mm NB0708-00
KB twin for clutch & throttle inch NB0801-00  
mm NB0807-00
clutch & throttle neutral safety switch (SIGP) harness included inch NB0845-00
mm NB0846-00
for both clutches inch NB0811-00
mm NB0815-00
for both throttles inch NB0810-00
mm NB0814-00



Cable Type

Part No.

Attachment kit

mm NB0714-00

Neutral safety switch (SIGP)


Wire harness kit


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