Product Information

KE4+ offers an upgrade over the cable type control systems which can be cumbersome to install & operate. Up to 4 stations can be installed; operation is safe & smooth.

Shift & Throttle ActuatorElectronic Control System KE-4+ (ke four plus)

Shift & Throttle Actuator
Shift & Throttle Actuator<br>NM0183-00


  • robust actuator encompassing both shift & throttle functions
  • IPx6 level water resistance
  • manual lever available for emergency backup mode


In addition to KE-4 series (boats with mechanical shift & throttle), control systems also include KE-5 series (for boats with electronic shift & throttle), KE-6 series (mechanical shift, electronic throttle) & KE-7 series (mechanical throttle & electronic shift).  For details on these systems, please download related documents from this website and/or contact your dealer / NHK MEC.

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